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Cherokee Heritage Cherokee Tradition Society

Christmas is over and other personal crisis have passed. I am now ready to continue, as some have ask, with the current issue brought about by CNO, and Eastern Bands joint Resolution, the joint task force and goals outlined in the Sovereignty Symposium.
I have been carefully following everything that has been posted on the websites at our disposal and appreciate all comments. Please send suggestions on how to proceed to counter these moves toward our destruction as a people to my personal email address.

Here is a link to a site that shows that we have as much or even more political muscle as any other group when we work toward unity on things we can all agree on.

This site is meant as an independent outlet for independent groups, representing their own areas.

This is a link to a Yahoo mailing list. Respect and common courtsey is not only expected but required on this list
In preparations of possible local gatherings we are going to conduct a roll call by state. This poll will be in two parts. Just list under the state you live in.
Go to the Yahoo group below and look on the menu for Polls.
Rolling Thunder


Enjoy the Music of William Gutierrez from the CD Keeper of the Song. Listen to the title track of this great Native American Artist.
[This Feature is under Development. Thank you for your patience.]